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Specialising in the creation of exceptional events for private and corporate clients, we design, plan and manage every project from conception to execution. Our group of seasoned professionals understands that breakthrough ideas are only as good as the discipline supporting them. At Baltic Luxury we believe that there is a sublime connection between the mastery of logistics and the creation of astonishment. 

We design and produce special events of all kinds, from private affairs to large-scale corporate events. Our expertise lies in consistently planning and executing not just different events, but creating iconic experiences for our clients and their guests.

Our experiences are completely customised, reflecting the brand personality of each client. Whether we act for a family, a product, a company or a cause, our work embraces experiences that integrate innovative design with the finest in wine and cocktails, dining, music, entertainment and - most important of all - that intangible element of surprise.

Baltic Luxury has prepared a variety of special events experiences:

Art Master Class Experience

Wedding Experience

Corporate event Experience

Ball Experience

Personal celebration Experience