About us

Baltic Luxury will make your travel experience exceptional. The extensive portfolio of unique and unforgettable activities is created by the owners of the company - Erika Sõstra and Jana Busch. Having long term experience in the private luxury travel field, they have prepared handpicked journeys to untouched northern nature, guided insights to the UNESCO World Heritage sites and selected special destination trips combined with seamless tours of art, design and music. Finest accommodation and best dining are always on the route. For special events Baltic Luxury provides its service from concept to budget, making sure that every single detail is perfect.  ​

Our destinations and partners

​Baltic Luxury works with carefully selected partners in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as neighbouring countries of Russia and Finland. For Scandinavia and Nordic region Baltic Luxury collaborates with Nordic Luxury - a boutique Destination Management Company specialised in the bespoke exploration of Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Faroe Islands. 

Baltic Luxury has prepared various travel themes - the experiences.  

The travel concepts are created with care and experience, each journey is prepared considering personal needs and wishes of our clients. Different experiences can be enjoyed individually or be combined.

We also offer Gift Cards for our different travel experiences - you can find them down below:

Nature Experiences

UNESCO World Heritage Experiences

Destination Experiences

Art, Design & Musical Experiences

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Mrs Erika Sõstra        Mrs Jana Busch

Founder & Owner                                     Founder & Owner     

Mob/Whatsapp: +372 5620 3869         Mob/Whatsapp: +372 516 6786

Email: erika@balticluxury.eu                   Email: jana@balticluxury.eu