Bear watching in their natural habitat in Estonia

It is our pleasure to offer you a very special experience and great emotions in our own homeland forests. Our professional tour guides are ready to take you deep into our forests so that you could see and experience the proximity of the most powerful predator of our forests – the BEAR. We would like to share with you our own personal experience:

“A while ago, we were invited to experience bear watching and we immediately accepted the invitation. This was something very different and exciting for us city people. How could we say no to an opportunity to see a bear with our own eyes? 

Photos: Tanel Tarendi

We started our trip from Tallinn at about 1 o’clock in the afternoon and arrived at the Rohuaia Café in Rakvere in an hour and a half. We decided to have a good lunch before diving into the forests. The cozy atmosphere and delicious food at the café were a good start for the nature trip. Arriving in the forest, we took a short walk with our tour guide who told us many interesting facts about how bears live and behave and what they do – about hibernation, for example, and their sense of sight, hearing and smell. In their preferred living environments, we saw trees with bear claw marks, and a beehive torn apart by a bear. Then, we headed deeper into the forest – to the bear observation lodge, which was our stay for the night.

We spent the evening sitting by the window with binoculars, watching the nature while the sounds of the forest were brought to the lodge through a speaker. During the night, we saw a roe deer, a raccoon dog, a wild boar and several beautiful bird species.

And then, early into the morning, we saw what we had eagerly been waiting for the whole night – a bear! A REAL BEAR! It came out of the forest all calm and proud and showed itself to us from all sides. I must admit it was a powerful feeling to witness something like this! “

Bear watching is possible in the forests at Alutaguse and the season lasts from early May to mid-October. The most exciting period is from the middle of May to the beginning of June. In the modest forest lodge with no heating or electricity, you will find bunk beds, warm throw blankets, a picnic basket with domestic delicacies, and hot coffee or tea in a vacuum flask. Make sure to take along warm clothes.

If you find a trip like this inspiring and would like to go bear watching with your family, friends or colleagues, we would be happy to organize this mini-trip full of a great experience for you. Feel free to ask for more information.

We believe we can offer you simple yet meaningful emotions.


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