Why Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania?

It is a new and exiting destination!

Been there? Done that?  Why not surprise yourself with a novel destination that will show a side of Europe you’ve never seen?!

Baltic Countries are a considerable destinations and a great alternative to other much visited destinations – new, different and very interesting indeed. It will keep you talking for months! It’s the combination of old and new, Medieval and modern, which gives the Baltics its unique flavour. Baltic Countries are small and it’s easy to get around. That means you could stay in a luxury hotel suite in city one day and in luxurious country manor houses the next day.

If you’re looking for a luxurious, tailor-made getaway then beautiful Baltic Countries should be considered destination as your choice. From luxurious country manor houses, to 5 star boutique hotels,  yacht and helicopter trips – perfect destination for your next trip, encompassing anything you’d like to explore.

Baltic Countries can provide top class service for the most demanding clientele.It offers you a wide range of services from sightseeing tours that can include cookery classes & private visits to world famous designer studios, vodka tasting to providing wonderful unique cliff top weddings with a difference.

It can also provide clients with top class golfing experiences, where participants can play up until midnight when staying during the white nights period. Bird watching on one of the most prolific migratory routes for arctic foul and photography of these stunning sights also be arranged and is a must for the keen photographer.

Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania are ideal destinations for weddings & honeymoons! If you are looking for unique & time saving destination but same time high-end luxury weddings or honeymoon, then one of the Baltic Countries should be considered destination for you. With its small logistic distances you can have beautiful wedding in luxurious 5 star Manor House in island and beautiful day in Medieval Old town in next day.

Winter holidays are truly amazing with brief snatches of daylight and cosy medieval style surroundings, and you should certainly consider taking a trip along Europe’s longest ice road. If visiting in winter, a trip to the Christmas Market is a must, and you can even take a ride on the dog sled, experiencing the beauty of Baltic Countries on a very traditional mode of transport!

Not here for a holiday? Baltic Countries can also provide the very best in conferencing space too. Bespoke packages can include sourcing the very best meeting spaces that combine medieval surroundings with all the modern conveniences you need, whether it’s for an annual conference or an incentive weekend for sales staff.

In Baltic’s, your delegates can experience a gourmet treat in picturesque surroundings – you can even order a meal served in Virgin Forests for a real “back to nature” feeling!

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are closer than you think

Getting to Baltics is easy. Most major European cities are only two and half hours away by air.  Tallinn & Riga is only approx one hour from Stockholm and Copenhagen and two hours from Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt. From Istanbul only approx 3 hrs distance.